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District at a Glance

Community Profile

Medford, one of the oldest settlements in North America, was settled in 1630 and was incorporated as a city in 1892.  The name Medford is thought to have come from “the ford by the meadow” commemorating the importance of the fordable part of the Mystic River located just west of present-day Medford Square. During its early beginnings, Medford was a leader in the Clipper Ship building industry and also manufactured brick and tile. In addition, Medford was famous for “Medford Rum” and “Medford Crackers.” Additionally, in 1857, “Jingle Bells” was written here by James Pierpont.

 Medford is located 7 miles north of Boston and is easily accessible to state highways, Routes 93, 128 and 95.  Medford contains many historic sites, monuments, and houses, some of which date back to the 17th century.  Still standing are one of the oldest brick structures in North America, the Peter Tufts House, as well as, the slave quarters at the Royall House.  When Sir Issac Royall came to Medford from England, he  brought along slaves from the West Indies to manage his opulent home.  Much later between the Civil War and 1900, a vibrant African American community began to settle and flourish here.  

Three generations settled in Medford before a public school was established. In 1647 the General Court of Massachusetts passed a law saying that towns of more than fifty families must maintain an elementary school. The need for a school was not discussed until November 30, 1719 when the town voted to keep a school in the house of Thomas Willis, Jr. The next year two schools were also held in private houses with the total school budget equaling eight pounds! A schoolhouse was finally constructed in 1732 and it served the town until 1771, when a second one was built.  

Medford is known as a city of neighborhood squares.  It offers various forms of public transportation to Boston and beyond, as well as plenty of green space with over 24 playgrounds, passive parks, Riverbend Park and Hormel Stadium.  During the summer, Medford opens both Wright’s Pond and Tufts Pool to its residents.  Not only does Medford have over 118 acres of green space, but it also houses a large part of DCR’s Middlesex Fells Reservation which provides ample trails for hiking and biking.    

District Profile at a Glance

Medford Public Schools is a caring educational partnership of school, family and community designed to ensure that all students are afforded a safe and healthy environment in which they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their full academic potential.  This partnership is dedicated to providing all students with a 21st century education that will enable them to be life-long learners and contributors to a diverse and rapidly changing world.  Medford Public Schools places a strong emphasis on social learning and educating the whole child. Additionally, Medford supports the needs of all learners offering English Language services and Special Education services.

 There are (8) schools in the district:  (4) elementary schools, (2) middle schools and (2) high schools:  Medford High School/ Medford Vocational Technical High School and Curtis Tufts High School.  Medford Vocational Technical High School lies within the footprint of Medford High School. 

 With a budget of over $67,000,000 that represents  approximately 40% of the total municipal budget, the district serves over 4000 students daily.  To supplement the budget, the Medford schools annually receive generous support from countless local businesses, local service club organizations and the Medford Educational Foundation.  Additionally, the Medford Band Parents, Medford SEPAC and school PTO groups work tirelessly to help support our students and staff.  Currently, the Medford Public Schools have a 10.3 to 1 student ratio and 99.1% are licensed teachers. 56.7% of our students participate in AP Exams. 

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Sketch of Our Schools

Medford High School offers AP and Honor courses in our academic subject areas in addition to standard level courses  Additionally there is a wide variety of clubs including Center for Citizenship for Social Responsibility, (CCSR), Diversity/Empowerment Movement, Harvard Homeless Mission, Hope Chest, Interact, National Honor Society, Cultural, Environmental, Debate, Fine Arts, Science, Math and Literature, Robotics and many more! Medford Public Schools sports include soccer, basketball, ice hockey, football, track and swimming and track. Medford Family Network (MFN) provides free family support and parenting education classes to every family who lives or works in Medford.

The Medford Vocational Technical High School offers (15) programs:  Automotive Technology, Biotechnology, Business Technology & Marketing, Carpentry, Construction Craft Laborers, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Electrical, Graphic Arts, Health Assisting, Media Technology, Metal Fabrication, Programming & Web Development and Robotic, Automation & Engineering.  These programs prepare students for career and college.

The Andrews and McGlynn Middle Schools offer extensive coursework in all the academic content areas as well as courses in languages such as Italian, Spanish and French.  The Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility (CCSR) also has a strong presence in our middle schools.  In addition to music appreciation, students can participate in wind and string instruments, band, orchestra and a choral ensemble.  Clubs and activities such as the Art Club, Builders, CCSR, Chess, Culture, Drama, Math, Media, National Honor Society, Debate, Technology and Engineering and many more. Girls and Boys have participated in games against other communities.

Medford has (4) elementary schools, the Brooks Elementary School, the McGlynn Elementary School, the Missituk Elementary School and the Roberts Elementary School.  Our elementary schools have high academic expectations for all students.  Staff participate in continued professional development to improve their craft.All of the elementary schools follow the Responsive Classroom, Michigan Model and Zones of Regulation concepts in their quest to educate the whole child.  These programs ensure consistent language through each school.  Important building blocks of these programs include:  modeling expected behaviors, adopting logical consequences,and including the students in the creation of class rules and expectations.  These programs place an emphasis on everyone being welcomed and respected and creates a safe environment for  our students.  CCSR is also offered at our elementary schools.

Image of Medford High School logo outside of the Medford High School building
A sign of Medford Voc Tech
Andrews Middle School
Image of outside look of the brooks school