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BookBreak Virtual Author Visits at the Elementary Libraries

BookBreak Virtual Author Visits at the Elementary Libraries

The MPS Elementary Libraries are pleased to announce the rollout of BookBreak for the 2023-24 school year.  BookBreak represents a fabulous opportunity for students to virtually meet award-winning authors and illustrators.

Over the past month, kindergarten to third grade students virtually met Peter Reynolds, the author and illustrator of Dot, Ish, The Word Collector and many other wonderful children’s books.  Kindergarten to third grade library classes focused on learning about Peter Reynolds and his latest book, Ish.  During the virtual visits, Peter Reynolds spoke about when he started drawing (kindergarten), and how he comes up with ideas for his books.   He also led students in a guided drawing activity to draw a dinosaur with wings.  As he likes to say, the drawings could be “dinosaurish" (because things don't have to be perfect, they can be "ish").

Fourth and fifth grade students visited virtually with Kelly Yang, the author of the Front Desk fiction series.  During the author talk, Kelly Yang spoke about her writing process and where she draws inspiration for her writing. She also discussed the importance of libraries in her life and the influence of reading all different types of books. Prior to the virtual visit, classes did a whole class read of one or two chapters from her book, Front Desk, and learned a little about her life.

Over the year, the elementary libraries will be "visiting" with several authors.  Prior to the talk, we will read or look at one book or an excerpt of a book by the author or illustrator whom is being featured. As the schedule allows, some will be live virtual visits and some will be recorded versions of the live virtual visit.  BookBreak is a nonprofit organization focused on providing an affordable way for schools to have access to author visits.  As noted by BookBreak, “author talks have been shown to increase enthusiasm for reading, inspire a passion for writing, and encourage reluctant readers.”

During the fall and winter of 2023, the elementary library programs plan to participate in the BookBreak virtual visits for: Peter Reynolds (K-3), Kelly Yang (4-5), Dan Santat (K-2), Jeff Gottesfeld (3-5), Lauren Castillo (K-2), Tracey Baptiste (4-5), and Raul the Third (2-3).  More to come in 2024!  

Student Drawing Ish
Students in Library for BookBreak