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Agenda for the June 24 Special Meeting of the Medford School Committee

Agenda for the June 24 Special Meeting of the Medford School Committee
Medford School Committee Meeting

The Twelfth Regular Meeting of the Medford School Committee


Monday, June 24, 2024
Special meeting: 5 p.m.

Please be advised that on June 24, 2024 at 500 p.m. there will be a Special Meeting of the Medford School Committee to be held remotely via zoom.

This meeting can be viewed live on the Medford Public Schools YouTube channel or via Medford Community Media on your local cable channel (Comcast Channel 9, 8 or 22 and Verizon Channel 43, 45 or 47). Participants can log in by using the link below.


Agenda for the June 24, 2024 Special Meeting of the Medford School Committee

Zoom Link

Complete Agenda

I. Roll Call

II. Salute the Flag

III. Executive Session

Executive session pursuant to G.L c. 30A (a) (3): the Medford School Committee will convene in Executive Session to discuss negotiation status with Medford Educational Secretaries (AFSCME Council 93) and Teamsters Local 25 Custodians because an open meeting will have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the Committee and the Chair so declares.

IV. Continued Business

A. Possible Ratification of Medford Educational Secretaries (AFSCME Council 93) Contract - Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn

B. Possible Ratification of the Teamsters Local 25 Custodians Contract - Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn

C. Report on the 2023-2024 School Year Superintendent Evaluation Goals - Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent Recommendation to Approve Potential Partnership with City Year - Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent

D. Recommendation to Approve Five-Year Contract for New Telephone System - Dr. Peter J. Cushing, Assistant Superintendent

E. Recommendation to Approve Five-Year Contract for New Time Reporting System - Dr. Peter J. Cushing, Assistant Superintendent

F. Recommendation to Approve FY25 MPS Operating Budget - Mr. Gerry McCue, Director of Finance

V. New Business

2024-29 Offered by Member Ruseau


The School Committee will develop a Capital Improvement Plan annually. Preparations for annual approval of the Capital Improvement Plan will be scheduled in phases throughout the school year with attention to certain deadlines.

Phase I - Capital Projects Identification

Target Dates: September 1 to October 15

  1. The Superintendent will ensure school building leaders have submitted all outstanding maintenance work in the district ticketing system.

Phase II - Strategic and Capital Planning Subcommittee Meeting

Target dates: October 15 to November 30

  1. The Strategic and Capital Planning Subcommittee will meet to review and prepare recommendations for the Committee of the Whole to be held per Phase III;
  2. The subcommittee will create four lists of projects:
    a. Capital Projects Eligible for Community Preservation Act funding;
    b. Capital Projects Eligible for Net School Spending;
    c. Capital Projects Not Eligible for Community Preservation Act or Net School Spending;
    d. All Capital Projects.
  3. The subcommittee will prioritize the individual items within each list;
  4. The subcommittee will forward these artifacts to the Committee per Phase III.

Phase III - Committee of the Whole Review and Approval

Target Dates: December 1 to December 31

  1. The Committee will review the documents received from Phase II;
  2. The Committee will report a Capital Improvement Plan to the next Regular School Committee Meeting for approval.

Phase IV - School Committee Approval of Capital Improvement Plan

Target Dates: January 1 to January 31

  1. The School Committee will consider approval of the Capital Improvement Plan.

Phase V - Capital Improvement Plan Submitted to the City Council

Target Date: January 31

  1. The approved School Committee Capital Improvement Plan will be forwarded to the City of Medford with a funding request to implement the plan.

Phase VI - Publication of the Capital Improvement Plan

Target Date: February 28

  1. The Capital Improvement Plan will be published in the School Committee section of the Public Schools website.

Phase VII - Inclusion of Capital Projects Eligible for Net School Spending in Budget Request

Target Date: February 1 to February 28

  1. All Capital Projects Eligible for Net School Spending that could be reasonably accomplished within the upcoming fiscal year will be incorporated into the Budget Request. All Capital Projects Eligible for Net School Spending but not included in the Budget Request will be detailed in the Budget Request as an attachment and explain why all the projects cannot be reasonably accomplished in the upcoming fiscal year.

Phase VIII - Public School Administration Submits Community Preservation Committee Grant Applications

Target Date: July 1 - July 31

  1. Grant applications eligible for Community Preservation Act funding shall be submitted to the Community Preservation Committee.


Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) - A capital improvement plan typically consists of one or more capital improvement projects, which are financed through a capital budget. CIPs are important tools for local governments, allowing them to plan strategically for community growth and transformation.

Capital Improvement Projects (Capital Projects) - asset upgrades or large-scale maintenance work. Some examples of capital projects include building a new school, replacing an outdated HVAC system, replacing a roof, or any project above $150,000 per school building.

Community Preservation Act (CPA) - Massachusetts Law passed in 2000 enabling communities to assess a tax on real property for open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing, and outdoor recreation.

Community Preservation Committee (CPC) - the committee established by the City Council to make recommendations for spending of community preservation funds.

Community Preservation Fund - a City established fund to contain the monies raised from taxes and for the spending of those funds.

Net School Spending - all funds expended by the School Committee via the budget, grants, and other funds, as well as certain city expenditures such as insurance and pensions, excluding certain types of expenditures such as transportation, adult education, and long-term debt.

Policy Information
First Adopted: TBD
Last Amended: None
Last Reviewed: None
Review Frequency: two (2) years Next Review: TBD
Version: 1
Policy ID: DBC
Original Source: None
Legal References: M.G.L. 44B

Date Requested: June 19, 2024
Date Requested to be on the Agenda: June 24 2024

2024-30 Offered by Mayor Lungo-Koehn

Administration of the Government

Consolidation of Administrative Functions with City or Town

Section 37M. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter forty-one or chapter seventy-one or any other special or general law to the contrary, any city or town which accepts the provisions of this section may consolidate administrative functions, including but not limited to financial, personnel, and maintenance functions, of the school committee with those of the city or town; provided, however, that such consolidation may occur only upon a majority vote of both the school committee and in a city, the city council, with approval of the mayor required by law or in a town, the annual town meeting or in a town with no town meeting, the town council.

(b) Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, a decision to consolidate functions pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section may be revoked by a majority vote of either the school committee of the city or town, or the city or town, or both as such vote is described in said paragraph (a).

VI. Adjournment


Meeting Materials

Medford Public Schools 2024-2025 Annual School Budget