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Welcome to the Medford Public Schools!

Whether you are new to Medford or your family has lived here for generations, I welcome you to the Mustang educational community. Medford, our fine city by the Mystic River, has a vibrant history and thanks to our exceptional students, an even more prosperous future.

As a native of West Medford, I can speak to the wonderful community that nurtured and raised me. Becoming a superintendent was a life-long dream that I have been privileged to realize in my hometown.

We are working conscientiously to improve the culture of teaching and learning every day for each student and staff member. Medford Public Schools embraces our linguistic (EL), ethnic, racial, disabled community, gender-diverse, cultural, and religious identities which creates this unexpected oasis in an urban rim community. It is our diversity that makes us stronger. And I believe that every single day, we are making a positive difference in the lives of our students, your children.

Mustangs are innovators: scholars, artists, scientists, musicians, athletes, creators, and independent thinkers all contributing to the educational landscape of Medford Public Schools.

Medford Public Schools is committed to providing students with a quality education to inform and empower them to become productive citizens for college and careers. We are committed to the greatest outcomes for ALL of our Mustangs and the growth of our Medford Community.

In Medford, we believe in Achievement for ALL, Equity for ALL, Collaboration for ALL, and Support and Safety for All!

When I say Medford, you say MUSTANGS!

In Partnership for Children,
Marice Edouard-Vincent, Ed.D.


Marice Edouard-Vincent