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Students looking at vocabulary cards
Students taking the temperature of water

The mission of Medford Public Schools is to  provide a supportive and effective educational environment that helps students  successfully meet their individualized goals. We are a community of lifelong learners and are committed to ensuring all students are provided equal access and opportunity to to a first-rate and exceptional educational experience.

You will find information about our Health Services by contacting Ms. Avery Hines at  (  and Special Education Services by contacting Ms. Joan Bowen at  ( For questions about Counseling and Behavioral Health Services contact Ms. Stacey Schulman (, and for technology assistance contact Ms. Molly Laden at (

Ms. Megan Fidler-Carey is always willing to assist you through the Engagement services (

In this area of our website, Medford Public Schools offers support through social, emotional and physical encouragement and resources to accommodate our students and families.

Our Building and Grounds Department (  and Business Office information services (  are also available here.

Please take a moment to check out our outstanding departments.